Speedlancer is a revolutionary freelancing platform, which leverages the power of the crowd to get your 4 hour tasks done quicker than ever before!

1. Post your task

Simply choose the category of work (design, writing, and data entry/research), and tell us what it is you want done! Make the title and description enticing and clear for our Speedlancers to understand exactly what it is you need. It is important that you ensure the description is clear, as the task will be done only according to your description.

2. Task Acceptance

After you have posted your task, it will be sent out to our network of curated, professional Speedlancers. They will then have the opportunity to review and evaluate the task, and decide whether or not they feel they are suitable for the task. Once accepting it, they will have just 4 hours to deliver the work.

In this time, you may receive queries from curious Speedlancers requesting more details. However, even then your task is still open for acceptance and any Speedlancer who does understand the task will be free to accept it. It is advisable that you respond to any queries in a timely manner, as they may be important questions conducive to high quality task delivery.

If the task is not accepted by any freelancer within 8 hours of task submission, your Speedlancer account will be fully credited.

3. Task Delivery

Within 4 hours of task acceptance, your Speedlancer will deliver your task. You can track progress along the way at – our task management portal. You will receive the delivered work by email, along with a confirmation that the task has been completed. Please take your time to review the work.

If you would like to take up your free revision, you may request it by simply replying to the task delivery email with details of your request. Please be specific. Your Speedlancer will then receive this request and deliver it as soon as they can. [Note that the 4 hour delivery time is not guaranteed for revisions, but it will usually be delivered within 24 hours]

And that’s it! We do all the dirty work, so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the Speedlancer experience!